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About the Board

DLN ACCESS exists to help you discover and nurture future talent and provide you with ACCESS to the next generation of young people. The opportunities you provide will help young people make well-informed decisions about their GCSE and Post-16 options and help them find a career that aligns with their purpose and values.

DLN ACCESS is for:

- Organisations that have opportunities but struggle to reach young people from marginalised backgrounds.

- Organisations passionate about getting young people engaged in their industry and organisation from an early age.

If you are interested in providing an opportunity for young people aged 7-19 but don't know where to start? Our All Age Access Futures Mentoring Programme could be for you.

Early Careers Engagement Opportunities You Could Offer

Work Experience and

Job Shadowing

Immersive Work

Day Experiences

World of Work

Taster Days

Leadership Development




Apprenticeships and


Industry Events

and Fairs



How It Works


An age-appropriate, child-friendly opportunity on our platform.


On your behalf, we will send your post to thousands of young people who meet your criteria and take care of all the safeguarding paperwork.


Receive a selected or shortlist of applicants for your opportunity and a deliver a meaningful engagement programme

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What You'll Get

  • Reach your target demographic
  • Consultation with a qualified teacher
  • Safeguarding and permissions handled
  • Reach Insights (Data)

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